On-Going Educational Programs

The Yerushalmi Preparatory Program - a pre-military preparatory program for leadership and society

HaMechina HaYerushalmi – a pre-military academy (“mechina”) for leadership and society

The Mechina, founded in 2010 accomodates 60 high school graduates per year who are pre-military service and who are interested in leading and influencing Israeli society. The program is a one-time opportunity to gain a broad understanding of society, in all its complexities, and the city of Jerusalem (which is a micro-cosmos for Israeli society). The Mechina emphasizes the values ​​of community, social action and learning. Furthermore, it builds personal development through shaping a personal identity, mental preparation for a meaningful military service and a variety of guided experiences in planning and self-management. The deep connection to Tene Yerushalmi, the affinity to Jerusalem and the urge to take an active stand, does not end with the Mechina. Rather, it continues through the activities of the extensive alumni network.

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