On-Going Educational Programs

BeShutaf – a secular “Beit Midrash” learning center for soldiers in Jerusalem

Beshutaf is a home for shared, in-depth weekly study sessions for Jerusalemites. Its purpose is to maintain a social connection and a sense of belonging to Jerusalem during military service. It is as an opportunity for a change of atmosphere, to meet people and to expand horizons. In addition, members of BeShutaf also work and have influence within the urban environment of Jerusalem.

Target Audience

Jerusalemites during military service

Duration of the program:

Fridays, 10:30-13:00


Ben Yehuda Street 3, third floor Jerusalem

Opening date:

You can join all the time :)
BeShutaf - a Jerusalem seminary for soldiers

Does BeShutaf sound exactly like the place for you? Come on, we are waiting to meet you! Leave your contact information and we will contact you soon!

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